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Merger and acquisition deals require a lot of documents and business transactions may contain confidential information. This is why the due diligence process can be long and complex, requiring many people to review various files. VDRs can speed up the process while offering increased security and visibility.

VDRs are able to monitor activity on files and folders and folders, which is one of the most important benefits they provide to M&A. This can be helpful in determining which interested parties are most engaged in a specific part of the diligence process. It can also be used to weed out uninterested prospects or problematic ones. A good VDR can permit users to keep track of how long prospective buyers spend looking over specific company documents and if they have printed any documents.

Other important features of a VDR designed for M&A include workflow and organizational tools. Certain of them will allow you to tag documents to indicate that they are scheduled to be integrated during the due diligence process, which is a great method to plan ahead for any post-deal challenges. Many higher-level VDRs specifically designed for M&A utilize artificial intelligence to enhance workflow and organize documents, which will reduce the amount of work managers must do during due diligence.

When selecting a VDR for M&A make sure it is designed specifically for these types of business transactions. DealRoom is a good example. It was designed by M&A experts and combines a VDR platform with an agile-based Project Management Platform to meet the unique requirements of this type business transaction. Other good alternatives for VDRs that are specifically designed for M&A are Firmex and Merrill however, they have more features that are not tailored to the particular requirements of this kind of transaction.