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Startups are in a stage that they’re beginning to gain initial investment, forming a team and creating documents that must be organized. This is where a virtual data room comes in handy. They permit founders to share their pitch decks with potential investors. They also provide an overview of who is viewing the presentations and how long they’re spending on them.

The most secure virtual datarooms are easy to navigate for investors and offer robust security for startups. This includes the ability of restricting access based on roles and IP addresses to stop screen captures, downloading, or sharing sensitive information. They can also provide a custom NDA template to avoid disclosure confidential information. Startups can also monitor which documents are viewed the most to identify what areas investors are spending the most time on and follow up on their inquiries.

Having all this information prepared can help a founder impress investors during the due diligence process, which can be a lengthy process that can take weeks or even months. Using a dataroom can make the process easier for everyone involved and speed up the final decision.