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The boardroom is a crucial area for collaboration, whether that’s in form of a large conference room for quarterly meetings or smaller huddle spaces for collaborative brainstorming and project work. But, these rooms are only as efficient as the technology they have installed in them.

Meetings can be unproductive for a variety of reasons. These meetings that fail to produce results could be caused by a lack right technology in the workplace. But, there are many technological advancements in the boardroom that can make meetings more efficient and productive.

Secure tools for collaboration and communication are among the top technological trends in the boardroom. These tools allow board members to effectively collaborate and communicate regardless of location or platform. Secure tools also help avoid cyber risks that can be triggered by common communication methods such as messaging apps, email, and web conference platforms.

Video conference hardware is a popular trend in boardroom technology. It delivers superior audio and visual experience. The latest models are capable of 4K UHD which is vital for crisp images and rich audio. They can also come with noise-canceling mics to eliminate distractions. Robust meeting room scheduling software can make it easier for scheduling conference rooms, which reduces the chance of scheduling errors and keeps attendees up-to-date.

In the end, interactive whiteboards are important for collaborative creativity and brainstorming. The most modern digital whiteboards are simple to use and feature pre-installed programs that allow users to easily create and share content. BenQ’s EZWrite suite, for instance allows for simple annotations as well as information searches which makes it an ideal option for hybrid meetings with remote participants.