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The best VPN apps for free are ones that don’t pile on restrictions and limits in order to pressure you to upgrade. For instance, Proton VPN Free tops my list because it has an excellent mix of features power, speed, and app quality without limiting your data or including ads. The dedicated geoblocking group makes it one of the few options for free to consistently unblock Netflix and BBC iPlayer. It also has core privacy features like WireGuard and content blocking unlike other providers that offer free services.

Other top free vpn programs include TunnelBear that offers user-friendly applications that maintain excellent speeds while allowing you to use up to 2GB of data each month. However, the policy of data collection is alarming, as it collects data about region codes, browsing activities as well as other data that could expose you to online tracking. Psiphon is another popular choice but it also records more worrying information, including timestamped browsing activity and information about the device, and also shares data about users with commercial partners.

CyberGhost is a good alternative that is free. It is a simple application and navigation. Its “Best server location” feature automatically chooses the most reliable connection for your location, or you can expand it to select a specific country. Its security is impressive as well and includes leak protection in full for RAM-only servers as well as flawless forward secrecy. It also has a no-logs audited policy and a powerful tracker blocker. It only can support one device at any given time.