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The stock market is often seen as a place to make easy money. However, investing in stocks takes time discipline, discipline and a structured approach to investing. It also requires patience and a longer-term investment horizon.

It’s easy to be lured by the promises of fast returns and a quick fix but the reality is that investing in stocks can be a long procedure that is full of highs and lows. Long-term investments can provide substantial rewards. So, to help you achieve success, here are a few share market tips for beginners to keep in mind prior to beginning.

Don’t be a Jack of All Trades

New investors frequently make the mistake of switching between different strategies. This could be a costly error, especially for those who are learning the techniques. For instance, some newbies attempt to be a “jack of all trades” by switching from selling and buying short-term investments (options and futures) to investing in US stocks. This approach is risky as well as expensive because it entails a lot of transaction fees and currency conversion fees and exchange rates.

Follow a single investment strategy instead, and concentrate on the value of a stock over the long-term. Avoid overreacting to short-term events and paying attention to price fluctuations, and make sure you review your investments at least once every quarter (or when you receive quarterly reports). Most importantly, don’t get up trying to find the next big thing.