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The checklist for selling side due diligence will aid you in organizing all the information a buyer may require prior to a business sale. When you look at your business from the perspective of a buyer, you can uncover potential risks and improve negotiations.

As more owners realize the importance of a thorough due-diligence process for selling their business they also utilize it to obtain higher valuations. By addressing the most important issues before the sale process starts, owners can diminish the possibility of surprises, shine light on hidden value, and limit the buyers’ power of negotiation at the bargaining table.

Key Items for Your Sell-Side Due Diligence Checklist

The most important thing to include on any sell-side due diligence checklist is your business’s financial information. The buyer will need to see detailed financial statements, including income and expenses assets, liabilities, and shareholders’ equity. In addition to your financial records, it’s an excellent idea to provide the buyer with an original copy of any important legal documents that may affect the transaction, including contracts, agreements, and leases.

In addition to your company’s financials, potential buyers will want to understand the way your business model is structured, and the management team who runs it. As such, it’s helpful to prepare a read more about comprehensive sell side due diligence checklist ensuring a smooth transaction process slide that clearly explains your business structure, the key employees and your strengths as an operational company.