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The best board meeting software can assist your business improve its decision-making process and accelerate its growth. But picking the tool that is best suited to your specific requirements requires a specific process and a rigorous set of criteria.

The most important aspect to take into consideration is the security of the software. A top-quality board portal is designed to safeguard your data and is compliant with international standards. This type of software is typically more expensive than alternatives that are free however it is worth the investment if are looking to safeguard your data.

The ease of use is an important aspect to consider. You need a system your team is able to use on a daily basis without having to be overwhelmed by complicated features. If you choose software for managing boards that does not have an easy, user-friendly interface, your team could lose interest.

A good online board portal offers a variety of tools that can be used to enhance the management of board meetings, from the planning phase to the meeting itself and the resolutions. These tools include agenda builders as well as a document center that can house all the essential organizational knowledge, discussion threads to facilitate sharing files and voting systems that allow you to take decisions in real-time.

A good cloud-based board portal also has mobile support and directors can take notes on their phones during a meeting and they’ll instantly be synchronized with the rest of the team. This feature is extremely useful, especially for companies with offices in various cities or countries.