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Deal makers need a reliable, robust software application to help them perform their duties. Unfortunately, many of the tools they use are outdated and not suited to their needs. This could cause them to miss opportunities and make costly mistakes. Find out more about the software that will increase the efficiency and reliability of deal makers.

A software program for deal-making should be able to be customized so that it is able to follow the workflow of the company. DealCloud is designed to accommodate the diverse processes employed by professional and financial services firms, including private equity investment banks, credit firms real estate, venture capital and law, as well as accounting, and consulting. This means that every aspect of the platform can be configured to accommodate a specific firm’s procedure for making deals.

A deal-makers’ software should also have the ability to keep track of and store all information pertaining to an individual project in one place. This can reduce confusion, eliminate the need for redundant tasks and also saves time. For example, instead mailing countless emails or convening multiple Focus meetings to coordinate purchase committee members, an automated workflow can quickly notify the appropriate parties, allow an election and report the result.

A deal-making software program is expected to automate and streamline the process of creating and sending documents. It should also be able to provide a simple method for deal makers to manage their pipeline. It should, for example, be able automatically create documents for investors who are interested with easy updates. It should also be able to generate reports based on historic and current data by using customized filters. This lets dealmakers be informed about the current and future investors in their company.