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Board members represent the values and interests of their organizations on a permanent, full-time basis. They often give up their sleep and personal time to give their expertise and resources on a continuous basis and without earning a penny and that’s why it’s important to acknowledge them for all their tireless efforts. Here are a few of our top ideas for board appreciation that will make them smile!

Gifts: High quality, executive gift items are the best way to show your appreciation to your board members. No matter if it’s for a holiday present or a gift to celebrate their retirement unique and useful gifts are always appreciated.

Special Achievements: Board members take on large tasks and when they succeed in achieving the big goals, whether that’s appraising and implementing the strategic plan or creating and evaluating the annual budget, it’s important to acknowledge their efforts. It is important to highlight these important accomplishments in your newsletter or on social media is an excellent way to do this.

Honoring their contributions: Nonprofits can also show their appreciation for each board member by establishing a “tribute wall” in their offices that displays photographs, quotes, and memorable moments with long-term board members. This is a nice method to acknowledge their contribution over time and is especially meaningful when they leave after a prolonged period of service.

Nonprofits can also provide an announcement to their board members by using social media or writing an email to the local newspaper. This is an excellent way to show your board the recognition they deserve, and draw attention to the good things your organization does in your community.