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Adaware, a product of cybersecurity provider Lavasoft, (formerly known as Ad-Aware) is designed to protect users from malicious apps and privacy invasions of which a lot of consumers are not aware. Adaware is a suite of programs that monitor your browsing habits, programs that hijack the browser start page and applications that show annoying advertisements at the most inconvenient times. The program is free and comes with a host of additional security features that will help you stay safe and ensure your device runs smoothly.

In our tests, adaware was able to detect the majority of malware we tossed at it. However, it had trouble removing certain malware. It does come with several useful extras such as a privacy monitor a registry scanner, a file shredder and advanced network monitoring. Adaware isn’t the same level of protection as best antivirus software.

The last time adaware participated in AV-Test lab tests, it managed to block only ninety-five. 4.4% of 0-day threats and 97% known risks. They’re not terrible but they don’t compare to the best security suites can accomplish.

Adaware users seeking better performance should look into alternatives. We particularly recommend Kaspersky and Bitdefender as they are known for their reliable performance in real-world tests. Also, only Pro and Total plan users have access to online technical and customer support, which could be a little disappointing for some users. The company does provide various information and Frequently Asked Questions on its website, though.