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It is manufactured by cybersecurity provider Lavasoft (formerly popularly known as Ad-Aware) Adaware’s mission is to tackle the types of rogue apps and privacy invasions that most users aren’t even aware. This includes programs that reroute your surfing patterns, courses that alter your browser’s start page and applications that display annoying advertisements at the most inconvenient times. This free program also offers numerous extra features to increase security and ensure that your device is running efficiently.

In our tests, adaware was able to detect most of the malware we threw at it. It did have trouble removing some malware, however. The program includes a few useful extras, including privacy monitors and a registry scanner. It also includes an advanced file shredder, network monitoring, and a privacy watch. It is worth noting, however, that adaware does not provide quite as much security as some of the industry’s leading antivirus tools.

The last time adaware took part in AV-Test lab tests, it managed to block only ninety five. The threat rate was 4% for 0-day threats and 97% of known risks. These aren’t terrible scores but they’re not near the top security suites.

Users who want adaware to perform better, should look at alternatives. We recommend Kaspersky, Bitdefender and others because they are known for their reliability in real-world testing. Also, only Pro and Total plan users get access to online technical and customer support, which could be a little disappointing for some users. On its website, the company has many information as well as frequently asked questions.