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Many of the latest innovations in medicine focus on aiding medical professionals with data integration and predictive analysis. They also provide them with insights into a patient’s condition and enable them to identify better treatment options. For example connected inhalers can help patients save lives by reminding them to take their medication. AccuVein, for example aids nurses and doctors identify veins in patients who are injected by displaying the area where blood flow is on the skin surface. Other smart devices can help make surgery more secure. One of them is virtual reality, which allows surgeons to practice procedures prior to starting on a patient.

Another 2022 advancement that will improve patient outcomes is the use of telemedicine. This technology lets doctors diagnose and treat their patients remotely through the use of a video link. This reduces the number of hospital visits patients need to make. It also reduces the time it takes to receive treatment, as well as facilitating access to medical care.

Other medical innovations include wearables, which help to monitor the heart rate of a patient as well as blood oxygen level. This technology is able to inform the doctor if the patient’s condition is getting worse. This means they can take preventative action and be able to avoid the need for intensive treatment later. In the meantime, gene editing technologies such as CRISPR have revolutionized the way that diseases are treated by allowing scientists to correct or modify the DNA of a patient. This could be the solution to some fatal diseases.